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Young Wales is about listening to you and empowering your voice.  Whether you’re an individual, part of a school, a youth forum or a national organisation we want to help you share your activities and your voice.  If you’re not involved in a particular group you can still let us know what you think. 

Each year Young Wales will focus on twelve issues that are important to children and young people in Wales:

  • Six priorities that are chosen by young people involved in youth forums, as issues that are important to children and young people.

  • Six projects that are chosen as they tie in with current work in the Welsh Government 

The forum priorities for this year were chosen on Friday 27 March as part of a day of youth activities to launch Young Wales. 

You can download our poster and leaflet about Young Wales below:

YW Poster Web     YW Leaflets Web 1

Our work is built on the ideas of listening, sharing, informing and changing.  Find out more about them and how to get involved below.

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You can have a look at our projects for the next year, and tell us what you think of the different issues. If you are involved in a group looking at any of the projects send us what you’ve been doing – whether it’s a set of ideas, a report, leaflet or film.



We want to recognise and empower the excellent work going on in schools, forums and organisations in Wales. This means that others can see what you’ve done, which will help them consider their own opinions. It can also help you link up with other people and groups with similar interests to you.



We want the projects to lead to change that improves the lives of children and young people across Wales. We will do this by representing your views to the Welsh Government. Sometimes we will do this directly by supporting children and young people to meet Ministers, and sometimes we will submit your views and resources as evidence.



The Welsh Government is committed to listening to children and young people. We will ensure that your voices lead to change, and will report back on how your voices make a difference. If change is not possible on a particular issue we will find out why and feed this back to you.

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