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    "Bullying where discussions were held around more support and mental health links, and becoming more preventative"
  •     Young people's voices

    "We chose hate crime because it’s always been a big thing, but I think this years it’s got a bit bigger"

Young Wales Anti-bullying & Hate Crime

Anti-bullying continues to be a key priority for young people who identify bullying as a huge area of concern. Young people feel that more education and awareness is needed of the effects of bullying and stronger links between communities, community services and schools to best prevent bullying and tackle its effects.

Anti-bullying & Hate Crime

Anti Bullying Week 2016 - #BullyingMakethechange Survey

Thank you for viewing our page and supporting anti bullying week 2016!

There are two surveys you can take part in:
  • If you want to talk about your bullying views/experiences in school/college please click here for English / Welsh
  • If you want to talk about your bullying views/experiences in a club you go to outside of school hours, for example; youth club, after school club, scouts, guides, sports please click here for English / Welsh
The questions have been set by young people of the Young Wales Anti Bullying Network –questions that they feel are important to ask directly to young people aged 11 years plus!

Please share with your friends in school, college and any clubs you attend so that we are able to collect as many views as possible.

We also need schools, colleges and clubs to help us with this by raising awareness of the survey with young people they work with - help us make this campaign a success!

Closing date: 12 December 2017

You can find more information about anti-bullying week here!

Next steps for Young Wales Anti Bullying Network

There will be an exciting opportunity available to schools, colleges and clubs to take part in research early next year – we will be able to provide detailed responses tailored to your setting. To register your interest in this exciting opportunity please register This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you would like training on Children’s Rights or Participation please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Anti-bullying Week 2016

Welsh Government - Anti-bullying week 2016

Anti-Bullying week will be held from 14 to 18 November 2016.

We are continuing with our campaign aim to make bullying everyone’s business.

We believe everyone should be empowered to address bullying.

Firstly everyone needs to be able to understand and identify bullying. All bullying behaviour usually has the following four features:
  • It is usually repetitive and persistent.
  • It is intentionally harmful.
  • It involves an imbalance of power, leaving someone feeling helpless to prevent it or put a stop to it.
  • It causes feelings of distress, fear, loneliness and lack of confidence in those who are at the receiving end.
Find out more here.

Meic - Competition: Bullying Is Everyone’s Business

Bullying is everyone’s business.

That’s the message for anti-bullying week (14-18th November) and we want your help to promote it.

Bullying is a very personal experience. What might be banter to one person can be bullying to another. We want to know what bullying means to you.

Describe bullying in your own words, starting with #BullyingIs

Express it however you choose: it can be a sentence or a single word. It can be a selfie, a picture, a video, a song… it can by typed, handwritten, painted… you decide!

We will share them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (they can be anonymous if you want).

Find out more here.

Meic will be posting more information using the official hashtags (#AB2016 // #GF2016) here.

Groundbreaking Anti Bullying Film Set to Play Vital Role in
Preventing Bullying in UK Schools
- Film Set for 12 November Debut -

A new anti-bullying film that could play a vital role in transforming the way schools, youth services, charities and community groups across the UK deal with the current bullying epidemic will receive its premiere at a special screening event on 12 November at The Gwyn Hall, Neath.

The 45 minute long film - My Life As A Bully – is a mix of mockumentary and drama, produced by Port Talbot-based educational film and theatre company, Firehorse Productions.

Released in time for National Anti-Bullying Week 2016, which is coordinated by The Anti-Bullying Alliance, the film will help both adults and young people aged between 7 and 13 recognise, prevent and take action against bullying. Statistics featured by the Anti Bullying Alliance from the TellUs4 national report quote 46% of children and young people in England and Wales having said they had been bullied at some point whilst at school. 25% of children and young people said they worried about bullying.

In Wales, Cabinet Secretary for Education, Kirsty Williams, agreed a new programme of work for 2016-17 to strengthen responses to address bullying. The work programme includes collaboration with key stakeholders including schools, local authorities, children, young people, parents and carers to heighten the profile of the Welsh Government anti-bullying messages and find out to better support schools, learners and their families and support networks to tackle bullying.

Cabinet Secretary for Education, Kirsty Williams said, “I am committed to do all within my power to ensure no child or person should have to put up with bullying in our schools.

“Anti-bullying week 2016 provides us with further opportunity to raise awareness of this important issue. This year we will continue to support efforts across Wales with a range of anti-bullying material and resources aimed at pupils, parents and teachers. It is important we continue to work to spread the message that bullying is everyone’s business and will not be accepted. We all have a vital role to play to promote tolerance and understanding and to ensure our learners feel safe and valued.”

Firehorse Productions, a core member of The Anti-Bullying Alliance, has an established reputation of producing innovative bullying awareness and prevention work and My Life As a Bully has the support of Baroness Newlove, the UK Victims’ Commissioner, who is delivering the introduction to the film.

Victims' Commissioner Baroness Newlove said:
"It is not right that almost half of children and young people say they have experienced bullying at school - we need to make sure they can learn in a safe environment and not feel isolated or victimised by others. This film rightly raises awareness to bullying, as the impact can be traumatic and often continues into adulthood. So let’s stand up for others and take action against this issue.”

My Life As A Bully has involved students from Dyffryn Comprehensive in Port Talbot and members of the surrounding community to work alongside professional actors and crew.

The film’s story, which highlights the experience of a young person who, through a series of mishaps and information is treated as a bully herself, and soon discovers the pitfalls and hurt that bullying behaviour causes. The script has been written for young viewers to relate to and aims to make a real and lasting impact on the issue of bullying. The film is accompanied by a comprehensive educational resource pack, in line with the national curriculum.

Denise Francis, Founder Member and Artistic Director of Firehorse Productions said
“At Firehorse we are committed to offering practical solutions to tackling the bullying problem. Pupils from Dyffryn Comprehensive are at the heart of the production, which offers an unique and often humorous take on the issue. It aims to empower young people about the importance of speaking out against the injustices of bullying. Equipping them with the knowledge they need to deal with situations appropriately as featured in the film, is close to my heart.”

For more information about My Life As A Bully and see the official trailer please visit www.firehorsefilm.com.

For updates, follow @mylifeasabully1 on Twitter and www.facebook.com/firehorsetheatre on Facebook.

Anti-bullying Network

Following on from the Anti-Bullying Week campaign #sayno #bullyingmustgo, network members discussed the impact the 2015 campaign had and options for Anti-Bullying Week 2016. Young people agreed that:
  • The anti-bullying message isn’t reaching the teachers, youth workers etc. who need to know
  • Adults need to buy in to anti-bullying week and share the message
  • A longer notice of what resources are available for anti-bullying week is needed
  • Anti-bullying activities should happen throughout the year not just one week
In view of these points it was suggested that the Welsh Government campaign ‘Bullying is Everyone’s Business’ and the Young Wales #sayno #bullyingmustgo campaign should remain the same to help keep the profile alive, it can also be used throughout the year and can be built on year on year making it more recognisable. The Welsh Government All Wales Anti-Bullying Leadership Group has asked for the views of young people on Anti Bullying Week past and future and these ideas will be put forward to them.

The proposal from the Children in Wales Preventing Bullying Behaviour Group for an all-Wales anti-bullying survey to lead into Anti-Bullying Week 2016 was welcomed by the young people. The young people discussed this proposal in groups and put forward their ideas to develop a young person led survey aimed at children and young people across Wales.

Young Wales Anti-Bullying Network members will work closely with researchers to design the survey over the coming months. If you would like to get involved please get in touch.

Anti-bullying Week 2015

In November 2015, we promoted Anti Bullying Week - Bullying is Everyone’s Business. The Young Wales Anti- Bullying Network and the Preventing Bullying Behaviour Group co-designed a social media campaign using Thunderclap and a resource pack for schools, youth clubs and play groups, to raise awareness of Anti-bullying Week. The #sayno #bullyingmustgo Thunderclap campaign hit target with our message getting to over 180,000 contacts! The resource was viewed by over 600 people with many schools and youth forums tweeting their #sayno message. Thank you to all that took part and helped make this campaign a success!

The Young Wales Anti-bullying Network will continue to be developed in 2016 and again will focus on how, working alongside the Preventing Bullying Behaviour Group and Welsh Government, we can build on the success of this year’s campaign cumulating in a celebration of work for Anti Bullying Week 2016. If you have young people in your group/forum/school council with a keen interest in anti-bullying work, then please get in touch to find out how to get involved.

Ideas for future joint work also includes designing a survey that gathers the experiences and opinions of children and young people across Wales, carrying out a needs analysis for a national anti-bullying website that could hold a database of supporting organisations, research, information etc - gathering data to formalise what we know so far and to identify where we need to focus future research and, finally, developing a co-ordinated Children’s Rights approach across not only schools, colleges, youth centres and communities but across fields of work such as youth work, Healthy Schools, participation, school counsellors and community cohesion.



One of Conwy’s Youth Council reps helped create this video to fight the use of the word Gay in a negative way in their school.

People are gay get over it

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