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Your youth forum is a fantastic way to get involved in your local community, and to tackle issues that affect children and young people where you live. Every forum in Wales works differently but the issues are always identified by young people who then campaign for change. Some areas also have children's forums.

The forum will be using this page to share what they're doing. Come back soon to find out what's going on.

Flintshire Youth Forum (FYF)

The Flintshire Youth Forum is a group of young people from all over Flintshire. The Forum gets involved in local and national issues to make sure young people’s voices are represented, this involves:
  • Regular meetings in Mold, with supported travel for young people from all over Flintshire to attend
  • Responding to issues brought to the Forum by young people
  • Representing Flintshire’s young people at a national level as part of Young Wales
  • Working towards the seven national priorities identified by young people: mental health, bullying and hate crime, substance misuse, raising awareness of children’s rights, online safety, healthy relationships and domestic abuse
  • Working in partnership with Theatr Clwyd Cymru to develop exciting and engaging workshops and information to deliver to young people, e.g. Respectfest, whilst developing their debating, public speaking and communication skills through games
  • Learning about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) to deliver awareness raising sessions to groups of adults through the ‘Young People Say’ programme.
  • Taking part in local and national consultations through sessions with organisations and online surveys
  • Working with services to review their publicity materials and websites to ensure they are young person friendly, bilingual and available in accessible formats
  • Running Youth Conferences to gather young people’s issues and ideas
  • Reporting to the Council on their work to support Council decisions
If you’re interested in getting involved, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!!

Current projects:

Youth are Funders
This youth led programme runs in partnership with FLVC. Young people from the FYF are part of a panel which distributes Gwrivol funding to volunteering projects in Flintshire run by young people between the ages of 14 and 25 years.

Through Gwirvol funding, the FYF will be building a living Yurt from willow for a local school.

The FYF are developing a film to provide young people with the right information about the dangers of sexting. We’re working with Theatr Clwyd and Tape Film and Media to make it. We will also be developing resources, like a game, that can be used in schools and groups. The film will be launched at Respectfest 2016.

This event for schools, organised by young people, raises awareness of issues around bullying and the work taking place locally to tackle it. The FYF have run workshops at Respectfest for the past 5 years, covering issues such as the refugee crisis, cyberbullying, bystanders of bullying, stereotyping and respect.

Summer Camp
Four members of the FYF volunteered at the Flintshire Integrated Youth Provision’s summer camp at Glan Llyn. We helped youth workers and ran an evaluation session with young people to collect data.

The FYF will be present for the 6 days of the Urdd Eisteddfod taking place in Flint. We’ll be running workshops and activities based around our theme of Estyn Llaw / Reaching Out.

New logo coming soon!!

Learning the way WE want it

We are a group of young people called the Flintshire Youth Forum who meet once a week to discuss issues that effect our peers lives in the county. One of the issues that is brought up all the time is education and how we are taught. I hope you like our film and agree with the law we've suggested!

New Picture 73

We believe if a child or young person (anyone in fact) is taught in a style that benefits their learning needs, it will interest and engage them in the subject much better. This will mean a better understanding of what's being taught, better professional relationships with the teachers and even things like attendance might improve!

If someone is engaged in a learning environment that suites them and through a learning need that they prefer then what once might have been a struggle, would suddenly become fun!


Young Wales launched on Friday 27th March with young people from forums across Wales meeting in Newtown to decide their priorities for the year.

Young Wales film pic

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